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He messaged me asking me to play ps3 with him

He messaged me asking me to play ps3 with him… he’s like “let’s play” and I agreed. He asked me that we should use Facebook Video Chat instead because it apparently “sounds better”. I didn’t bother putting a shirt on because I wanted to be shirtless so he could check me out if he wanted; and I really just wanted to see his reactions… WHICH I CLEARLY GOT. After we were playing for over 30 minutes I’d guess, I was right into a game of Grand Theft Auto with him and I took a quick glance to see what he was doing and he was staring DIRECTLY at me with a lustful look as if he wanted to suck my **** or have sex… such a lustful and interested look. He clearly loved my body. It’s hard to explain but he was GLUED to me. It’s so obvious he loved my body and is gay.

> He messaged me asking me to move into an apartment with him. He wants me to move in and he said "I don't even care what [name] is doing. He doesn't care if she moves in or not...
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